• Lee McRae

How to: Get your first creative job

When looking for your first job I would make it a priority to gain some technical knowledge in, sort after, main stream software and apply for positions that require that technical knowledge. In an ideal world, your first job will involve working with others in a similar role and you will have the opportunity to learn from those with more experience.

Have a can-do attitude. Put yourself forward if an opportunity you are interested in presents itself. If you don’t, someone else will and who’s to say they would do a better job. Give the decision makers a decision to make.

Make yourself valuable, find a niche that is valued and establish yourself as the go to expert. If you can prove you are a trusted member of the team, you will likely be given additional responsibilities.

**Disclaimer, the opinions in this blog are based entirely on upon my experience and are purely founded upon my own anecdotal evidence. No time has been spent on research. Take my advice at your own risk.**

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